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Inaugural conference

CEE Private Equity 2009
Le Meridien Bristol Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

Investment opportunities in the CEE during economic downturn

Inaugural conference

CEE Private Equity 2009
Le Meridien Bristol Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

Investment opportunities in the CEE during economic downturn

This is undoubtedly the Premier Event designed for equity professionals interested
in the CEE region

European and World economy has faced its most unpleasant phase. We are all witnessing a number of severe challenges such as ongoing financial market crisis, declines in housing markets and fluctuating energy and food prices. Equity markets have been affected too. They have fallen 30-40% since July 2007, both in advanced and in emerging markets. Instability has been unprecedented in recent months with some stocks falling by 70% one day and going up by 50 % the next day. Many banks have disappeared through bankruptcy. Other banks vanished through mergers. This has not excluded some of the biggest banks in the world. Governments in the US, the UK and some other countries had to bail out banks and insurance companies.

The EU showed excellent progress until the first quarter of 2008. Growth had a steady course, despite the high energy and food prices. These prices consequently depressed real income, and the emerging markets started showing financial problems, which had a considerable impact on confidence of consumers and investors. The strong appreciation of the euro hurt the trade sector, and the slowdown in the US which started more than a year ago is increasingly affecting world trade growth.

However, there are still many prospects in CEE to make investments into expanding businesses with great potential. Because of the results from the last year’s credit crunch, companies are rearranging their strategic ideas to remain competitive in a new climate. This is why EastEuro Link has decided to organise its inaugural private equity conference.

Here you will see highly topical, high-quality industry presentations, expert analysis and practical strategies which will help increase your business’ annual return and assist companies back into a stable investment environment.

Industry leaders will make presentations on everything you need to know about the impact of the macroeconomic performance and outlook for the region on investments, and you will get many opportunities to interact, ask questions and build upon your business networks.

This EastEuro Link CEE Private Equity Conference is bound to become the key forum for industry professionals and it will serve as a stage to display ideas, research case studies and make use of the many networking opportunities.

Find out about hot topics in today’s market:
• Forecasting the future of Private equity market in CEE
• Overview of Regulation policies on Private Equity in Poland
• Fundraising Outlook in the Current Environment
• Assessing short term and long term impact from recent economic situation on the economy in CEE
• The strategic direction of delivering exceptional returns during a global economic downturn
• Liquidity in the mezzanine market
• Pros and cons for Leveraged buyout in CEE
• Availability of distressed debt in the CEE
• Risk assessment of distressed investments

Our CEE Private Equity event is designed for professionals from:
• Private Equity Funds
• Hedge Funds
• Venture capitalists
• Investment Banks
• Local and international banks
• Mutual Funds
• Funds of Funds
• Lawyers
• Risk management firms
• Wealth managers
• Asset managers
• PPP Project Managers
• Financial consultants

You will BENEFIT from additional networking opportunities including:
• Extended networking breaks for exhibition viewing
• Gala evening drinks reception

Special offer:
Global Fund Media subscribers will get 15% discount.

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